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It said "32 bit only" and she had a brand new 64 bit computer that came with the disk. OK that makes sense? I did a system restore and put my anti virus on it before connecting it to the net this time. It stayed connected. So what next? Well I put in the Printer Driver disk and it said it was not compatible with this version of Windows. What a joke? The lady asked me if we should box it up and send it back. I told her this was normal Vista features in action. So after downloading the correct driver and installing it everything worked about as well as could be expected of a Vista computer.

What No Office? No Word? OK so I put on openoffice.

So what's the first story? Well my father asked me to put Vista Ultimate on his laptop. My dad the Windows Lover I thought. This ought to teach him. And indeed it did. The Control panel crashed The system when you tried to open it. He could not find drivers for his new Vista Ready laptop, He had all kinds of fun. In The end he told me he would rather use Linux than Vista lol. Now I have him convinced. So if you want to learn SUSE just go to www.

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SUSE Just use it. At least they would then have The drivers they need and not have The learning curve that results from a new OS.

Just a thought. My Response: Windows 98 and are the most secure versions of Windows but Microsoft stopped allowing people to download updates for them and now you have to switch to XP or Vista or else. I tried this but it does not work. Windows XP is under Heavy fire right now from all the Linux supporting hackers and the people Microsoft stole from as well as all those people that hate the blue screen of death. Some people just like making viruses to brag about or as a hobby in their free time.

No anti virus firewall or spy ware program can stop all the viruses out there. Many XP computers just simply won't work until you wipe the entire hard drive not reformat or repartition and reinstall Windows and all the programs from scratch. This is why I give the simple choice at startup to boot in Windows or Linux.

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Plus did I forget to mention XP will only be sold for another year and then Microsoft is dumping it? Well they are. Microsoft is trying to force everyone to switch to Vista. And they are making all the new programs only Vista friendly. This is not a good business strategy. When I can't run my old windows 98, 95, NT, , 3. That's right pre Vista programs run better under Wine in Linux than on Vista! I know its a shocker but soon even Internet Explorer 7 will be available from ie4Linux for Linux.

And you can currently run Internet explorer 5. So you don't have to worry about those annoying sites popping up saying your browser is not supported for this page.

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (Windows) - Download

So why stay with Windows XP? And they will still sell it for a year. And where is the fun in an Operating system without Blue Screens and Viruses? Yes a lot of 3D video games for Windows don't work in Linux. My favorite is defendguin. Based on Atari's skyline game they made. There are cool jet fighter games too.

Well the truth is Linux has all that including the Start Menu and it has more?

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It's an optional 3D desktop for the people that are not afraid of new features, and have faster computers. Of course it's not turned on by default. Your 3 year old computer would do just fine. Not to mention Office is free and all the educational programs your kids need like typing tutors and geography and even college courses. Well since the average Linux Operating System comes with over programs that Windows does not have all for free I probably should stop talking or I will clog the Internet up.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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And if you want to know more look for videos on each version on video. Complete SUSE instructions are on my site on www. Well A customer I just had bought a brand new Dell with Media Center installed and the Printer Spooler would not work with Lexmark printers Dell resells mostly Lexmark printers, Dell printers are relabeled lexmark printers. It disabled it's Spooler every time the computer restarted.

Even when I started the spooler and reinstalled the spooler After installing a printer we were right back to it not working. I even reinstalled the OS several times. It never did work and the drivers were downloaded for XP but would not work with Media Center. Maybe Dell wanted her to get a newer printer? One of my other customers told me Dell told him he had to get Media Center edition of XP or he would not be able to record his movies from his camera?

What are they trying to pull to squeeze that extra dime out of him? Too bad Vista is even worse than ME.

Mobile spy free download windows sp2 mui

I thought ME was the worst mistake Microsoft would ever make. Dell sent me an e-mail asking me to fill out a survey. They asked what programs should be installed on these computers that customers would want. I answered the survey. Other companies are switching too. HP has dumped a lot of research and money into making all their printing products Linux compatible.

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  8. Linux people don't go away from Linux they just buy the products that work with Linux. Most anything you buy works with some form of Linux but just like Vista there are some things it's not compatible with actually not just like Vista. If you don't trust me just go to Wall mart or Sears and ask for a Linux computer.