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Can you view the recording from your iPhone? Is this compatible with an iPad? How do I download video to my phone? Great nanny cam. Not sure what people are complaining about. App for iPhone 6? I want to watch my dog while working. The camera is good.

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Perfect MiniCAM. Difficult to use - with an addendum about 10 days later. I need one for use where internet is not an option, but rather stream directly to iphone. Do we have cloud recording available? Explore nanny cams for car. Explore hidden cameras for cars. Explore spy cams for car. Explore spy cameras for buttons.

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Best Rated in Hidden Cameras Previous page. Customer review. A small idea to records your life. I always travel around the city, and alway wanna record my life. So I put this pen on my pocket when I go travel outside. So when I come home I can see what I record during day time. Such a good idea. Very good shopping experience No joke I really thought this was going to be a toy and originally thought this product sucked.

The directions were no help in using it but I eventually figured it out with my own devices. You can use different sensitivity levels with it. I got pretty good with it played around hiding my cellphone on record in my room then seeing if the device could find it from different ranges. Enji Prime. Great Quality.. Hoping it Will Catch a Thief at Work!! What drew me to this camera was that it recorded in HD and that that it already came with the SD card.

When I received it I was really impressed on how well it was made and the various mounting options I had. The instructions were very clear to understand as well. I have been using this in my office where I have an iPhone charger thief creeping in sometime after I leave work. I used this to hide behind my monitor and it has gone completely undetected.

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I have a fresh bait of would-be stolen goodies waiting, and am very excited to find out who the culprit is. Next page. Related articles Read reviews and articles from knowledgeable sources. Best Hidden Cameras. There was a point when security systems were cost prohibitive.

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You only invested in one if you needed to monitor something of considerable value. Now, whether you want to keep an eye on packages being delivered to your front porch or you just want to see what kind of critters scamper around your yard at night, you can. Technology has advanced and drastically dropped in price, putting hidden cameras in a range that anyone can afford. But what features are most desirable in a hidden camera? Which cameras offer the best value? Do you need any special knowledge to get your camera up and running on your home WiFi network?

Where should you position one to get the most out of it? These questions and more are all answered in the following article, a handy guide designed to help you find the best hidden camera for your needs. I agree with Linda the previous post. The call log is the only thing that really works for me.

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SMS worked well initially but stopped after a few weeks. GPS gives a general location but is hardly ever correct on the specific location. Surround listening and recording has never worked. Camera works sporadically, sometimes the SMS command actually goes to the target phone, which creates other problems. I actually made two purchases of the Highster software.

The first time I had all the he problems listed above and was told by Tech Support to uninstall and reinstall. I tried but was unable to uninstall the software. The target phone that was being monitored accidentally broke so the user purchased a new phone, which meant that I had to purchase another software package. I was more careful with the install the second time around but still got the same results as before. I would not recommending spending this amount of money for the small amount of information you are receiving. This product does not work properly, I purchased mine and all the features never worked, then after 10 days it stopped working completely.

I purchased the upgraded customer service after 2 attempts at email responses re-install the software, connect to wi-fi, etc…none worked I spoke to CS rep. She said she put in a tech order, the software designers would work on an answer and call me back. She almost hung up before she even got my information, so I gave it to her and I am still waiting….

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They seem very unorganized when it comes to customer service, not taking money! The software is not too bad, however they need to be more forthcoming about what is required in order to use all the features, for example rooting. The customer care very poor and and seems geared only towards making more money either by directing you to a website that will show you how to root your phone for a fee or reminding you that you can get more hands on support again for a fee.

It is because of the poor customer support that I would not recommend this product.

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Bought the application for my phone which my daughter uses. She is in a bad compnay and I wanted to monitor her messages. The application only worked for 2 weeks. It delivered text messages then stopped. It then only showed the phone calls and not it has stopped working.

The application never worked with email or any other items that are noted in their advertisements. Use caution when purchasing the product. Possibly a scam to get more money from upgrades. I can see browser, gps, calls and photos. Im still happy for the money I spent but I totally agree with all other people in here…customer service have NO idea what they say and it seem like they dont care or have time to care maybe. In competition days Highster Mobile might not get returning customers if they dont change attitude in service. Worked perfectly initially and was quite happy with the app….

This program is good and bad. For the price compared to others it is very reasonable however it stops working alot.

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It will show you the location and pictures but nothing else. The logs of social apps, email, and calendar do not work neither does the feature of the listening to calls. Just kind of disappointed but I guess you get what you pay for. I installed the software just yesterday.

As many said, it only shows gps tracking, SMS, call logs and pictures and contacts. Everything else doesnt work. Also what I am observing is that the call logs are repeated hundreds and hundreds of times, basically making it useless to track. I dont know what kind of side effects it has with all these call records being repeated.

I am also afraid my account will run out of space in the cloud so any tracking will stop working.