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Records for up to 15 hours Carry it in your pocket, use it to The camera to this unit is You can even turn the Connects to almost any Global Satellite for accurate positioning outdoors It looks just like an ordinary shelf so it blends in on any wall, effectively hiding your LawMate combines old and new technology rolled into one DVR.

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Tesco Calling Card Price: Free Publisher: Tesco Tesco made inroads into Skype territory this week with the launch of its own international calling app , a service that connects users with overseas contacts on the cheap. Tesco Calling Card makes use of Wi-Fi to facilitate voice conversations and also acts as an instant messaging service, but credit must be purchased to access all of its features.

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The latest version of the software brings videos into the equation, adding an array of editing tools that lets users give the comic treatment to any footage stored on their device. A range of sharing options means you can showcase your best work via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, instant messaging services and more. Download Halftone 2 from the App Store.

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Features of the Android app include the option to create and edit goals, monitor deliberate periods of movement such as workouts, set activity reminders every hour, and compare data with friends in the NikeFuel community. Kindle Price: Free Publisher: Amazon Amazon's Kindle is among the Android apps to receive a major update this week, with the e-book store and reader gaining a wealth of new features. Users can now switch between reading and listening when enjoying an audiobook, copy and paste text into other apps and highlight passages in a range of colours. Bringing the service in line with its iOS counterpart, Kindle for Android now offers improved cross-device syncing.

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Download Kindle from Google Play. Corner - Find Football Pubs Price: Free Publisher: Inapub The dilemma of where to watch the match has plagued blokes since time immemorial, but Corner for Android offers a quick fix by helping you find a pub showing the game in the near vicinity. More relevant than ever during World Cup season, Corner allows you to filter searches based on what facilities the establishment has and whether it serves food.

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  6. You can even call up a list of your favourite team's fixtures and invite friends to watch the game with you in-app. Download Corner from Google Play. Audibly for iOS devices is our app of the week.

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